Blowing the Dust Off

Testing 1, 2! Testing, testing! Is this thing on?

*clears throat*

Howdy everyone! It most certainly has been awhile, yeah? I don’t have much of an excuse for my absence of any updates of late besides having not much of a drive of typing something up. This is probably why I have put off on ever doing video blogs on YouTube.

Let’s get to it! The games! You know I love video games! Overwatch has practically taken over for me especially with the new event, Overwatch: Uprising, taking place at this time. And with special events come skins and other goodies for the heroes in the game. With that, I’m slowly getting back into playing with other friends that do have the game. But still, I tend to just play with random people with the mindset that it’s myself against computer-controlled characters (yes, I know I’m playing online with others).

And when I have the chance I do get around to playing Yakuza 5. This was the series I had hoped to have finished last year, but I was never able to. I’m still playing it bit-by-bit, and it’s become my favorite of the series! At this time, I’m playing as the ex-baseball player Shinada, and I came across a second trainer for him. He’s immediately become a new favorite character to play as, and it was real refreshing to get to his chapter after playing Haruka and Akiyama in the previous one. As much fun as I had with those two, I kind of felt they overstayed there welcome. Then again, I’m that rare breed that will attempt at completing any and all side stories for the games. lol Still, I look forward to finishing that game before moving onto something else.

The year before I focused mostly on the PS2 GTA games, and last year it was all about the Yakuza series. This year I may attempt at focusing on Mass Effect 2 and 3 after I obtain any and all DLCs that were not included in the trilogy set I got for the PS3. They’re sitting in my shopping cart on PSN with a total rounding about at $57. I’m not too thrilled about the cost, but it’s something I will bite the bullet if I want to get the full Mass Effect experience. It’s a good thing I finished the first game as I had forgotten just how slow it was when I played it the first time on PC. I can’t wait to get to playing Mass Effect 2 again though. That one was a much improved game over its predecessor.

I know there will be a few friends of mine that will get after me to play Yakuza 0 as soon as I finish Y5. I will! Shoot, I plan on pre-ordering Yakuza: Kiwami soon especially for that steel bookcase. A nice little break will do after I finish Y5, and I’m just thinking what else I can do once my Mass Effect playthroughs are done. Maybe the God of War saga I have for PS3? I did finish the first game after all. Or maybe I’ll settle for smaller games I have digitally downloaded just to get them out of the way. That is a thought. And once I get into the swing of things with games, I will look into tackling some RPGs. Aah, the never-ending struggle that is RPGs. After seeing Game Sack’s episodes on RPGs, I really want to get into the Phantasy Star series since I do have them via Sonic’s Genesis Collection. But first, I’ll focus on what I have of interest and work my way through the smaller games.

Up next is art. For those that follow me either on Twitter or Fur Affinity will know that I have changed gears as far as the content I want to post. Now I do plan on using my original FA page especially for pics I’ve taken and art I’ve commissioned from conventions, but I have started posting new content on a new account. What is it? Well, you’ll just have to look for it. 😉 Yeah, that isn’t fair of me to do that, huh? The reason for this is I want to start anew and really work my way up in gaining recognition. I have to say it hasn’t been easy gaining some followers, but I will keep at it! I guess cyberpunk just isn’t much of a thing for others. lol Still, it has been a nice change of pace from drawing Speedo and bikini pinups. That doesn’t mean I won’t stop drawing beach related things. I just want to go for more detailed oriented pieces with some story to go with them. For those that have found it, awesome! I thank you for the continued support! ^^ For everyone else, happy hunting!

That should wrap it up! As always I thank you for taking the time in reading this, and I hope everyone is doing well at this time!

Take care now! Eddie Santiago signing off!


29 Years

Where does the time go?

Like before, all that’s been happening for me is work, work, and more work. And when I’m not busy, I’m found just lounging in front of my laptop when I should try to do something more productive. I honestly never thought that what I do could be so draining, but hey, that’s how life goes, right?

There just isn’t much to say about what’s been going on these days. All I do is just go to work, push buttons, come back home, and sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat. These days I have been doing a lot of reflecting on what I’ve done thus far, and that’s something I really shouldn’t do. Why? When one is left to his/her own thoughts, a lot can pop up in one’s mind. That’s been the case with me these days. It’s not fun, and I know others have had similar issues. It can really bring a person down to the point of self-doubt.

Next year, I’m going to be 30, and I feel like I really haven’t accomplished much. I’ll even admit that I make excuses for my shortcomings when I should be the one owning up to them. I need to make a change before I find myself in a place I will regret for the rest of my life. I’ve come this far, and I want to see where a few ideas may take me. I can’t really say what they are at this time. This is all for me to know. As much as I have enjoyed working among with people at Disney World, there have been a couple of signs shown to me that maybe I need to focus on something else. Whether it be looking into a path along Disney or a personal goal, it’s all up in the air.

It’s interesting that I say this now when it’s mostly motivation for me. It’s unwise to tell myself all this or else I’ll be in over my head. I just need a different change of pace before I start to feel comfortable with where I’m at. Granted, I feel a bit accomplished for living off of my own with a bit of help from home here and there, but it’s time that I push myself to be more than just content. A few ideas that I’ve shared with my fellow peers has helped me realize what I need to do if I want to be out of this rut. So we shall see what will become of that and hope this will lead me to something worthwhile.

At this time, I would like to thank those that have taken the time to wish me a happy birthday. Although I did get to do much today, it really put a smile on my face to have people close to you wishing you all the best. I may not be as sociable as many people I know, but I appreciate all the wishes I received. And shoot! I got a couple of awesome birthday drawings! So, there is still something special that happens when it comes to birthdays. Call me a kid at heart, but I like to try to cherish birthdays despite growing older and treating it like any other day.

There was more I wanted to say, but I think I will end this here. Next journal may go in more depth on how I have interacted with other people over the years. You’ll see what I mean whenever I get a chance to type it up. It’s more in-depth of what I mean when one is left to his/her own thoughts.

Anyway, thank you guys once again for wishing me birthday wishes on Twitter, Facebook, and other places.

Have a good one now.

FWA and Yakuza (April 2016 Update)


It’s that time again! No, I’m not trying to be a Yakko Warner with a Wheel of Morality scrolling up next to me. Stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life, but that would be neat to see! I wonder what the moral of today’s story might be… Right, that’s enough of Animaniacs for now. Thank you, Netflix, for bringing a bit of my 90s childhood back! Now I understand the appeal of binge watching when people talk about sitting down and breeze through an entire season (or series in certain cases) of a show. You have to really keep me intrigued enough to watch a show for a long period of time. I’ll take to movies any day of the week when it comes to Netflix. 🙂

And now onto the updates! At the beginning of April, I attended Furry Weekend Atlanta for the second time. It’s probably the only out-of-state furry con that I can make a 6-8 hour trip by car. There is Texas Furry Fiesta which would take me up to 12 hours to get there, but it all depends on when both that and FWA will take place. If anything, I would love to travel to Texas to see a few close friends of mine. Only time will tell. Anyway, I digress. The trip to Atlanta was hell with road construction, bad weather, and accidents. There was even a point I wanted to call it quits and just turn back around even though I did pay for my part of a room. Still, I pressed on in hopes that all that driving would be well worth it. And it was! I had a complete blast like I had before, and it was great seeing many people I met last year including a few new faces I came across via Twitter, FA, etc. With the announcement of next year’s theme being video games, I’m really looking forward to attending next year. Shoot, I would love to create a standee or two for the occasion! Now to get my inspiration up and running and get a few ideas on maybe selling prints and or sketch commissions while I’m there!

Remember last year I tackled the Grand Theft Auto trilogy on PS2 (GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas)? This year I have been focusing on the Yakuza series. For those that aren’t familiar with it, Yakuza is a Sega published and developed series that features an open-world setting with RPG elements and beat ‘em up gameplay. It’s starting to become one of my favorite series in video games and with good reason! Three years ago, I finished the first game on PS2 and never got around to playing the rest until around the beginning of January or February of this year. When I did start off Yakuza 2, I found myself hooked, and I knew what series I wanted to tackle for this year. I might even do a bit of a trend here after I finish the latest game being Yakuza 5. As of now, I’m on Yakuza 4, and this game allows you to control three other characters outside of the main protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu. The Yakuza series is definitely one I would recommend in a heartbeat for those that love well-rounded characters, continuing story, and rich locations. You can own the localized main games on PS2 and PS3. Be mindful that the first two might be hard to find. Also, here is a video that best describes the series as a whole. 🙂

I normally don’t share personal things about my life as I tend to talk to close friends from time-to-time on what I’m going through. Lately, work has been stressful now that summer is fast approaching. This has kind of caused me to reel back and not be as active as I usually am. Shoot, I haven’t picked up my pencil in a good while to draw anything! There are a couple of sketches I have done, but that’s really about it. It annoys me at times when I feel like I’m not all that productive… There are just so many ideas I want to get around to drawing that just refuse to be put on paper. Like I’ll pick up my pencil and have my sketchbook ready but just stare at it wondering what will be the first shape. When I do have something in mind, the next thing I know it’s either almost time for bed or the start of my work shift or the end of a break. Speaking of, I even tried reading, and it worked for a good while especially on breaks. These days books have become much more difficult to jump into, and I love to read! Yes, these are just small things, but I think there may be something deeper than that. Perhaps I just need a new change of pace with my work situation. The attraction I work at is good and all, but I think it’s time I look into another location with the same area. Once I have that squared away, I should try to focus my attention to some books I have that will hopefully help me understand how to develop a video game.

For now, I’ll be all right. This is just stuff that has been building up, and I need to vent it off somehow. It’s not everything that’s going on in my life, but this is a good portion of what’s been on my mind. I want to create many things and better myself in some areas, and it all comes down to me. I need to make that change in my life if I am to get anywhere.

This will be a good stopping point for now. There is this interesting little documentary I’m currently watching on algorithms on Netflix, and I’m halfway through it just as I’m finishing up with this journal.

Thank you all for reading! I hope everyone is doing well at this time. Tell me about what you guys are up to

Until next time!

Sony PlayStation Portable (and Retro Revival Week)

Hey folks!

As the title suggests, I am now a proud owner of a PSP. 🙂 I found one on eBay for $80, and I love it to death! As of now I have three PSP games (Lumines, GTA: Vice City Stories, and Jeanne d’Arc) with three more on the way thanks to my good buddy HartKnight (Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, Daxter, and Every Extend Extra). In the meantime, I plan to invest in an 8 GB memory stick I found on Amazon for $20. It was the one thing that was lacking when I got the system. Another issue is that it doesn’t charge internally, but a separate charger and an extra battery were included in the package. It may be a bit of an annoyance, but I’ll manage.

So why a PSP at this time? When the system came out, I was solely interested in the DS. There were a couple from the high school I attended that had a PSP, and I recall seeing Lumines played. As cool as the game was, it wasn’t enough to warrant an interest in one. Then again, I just never cared for anything PlayStation related until the PS3. Then a couple of weeks ago, I listened to a podcast from Retronauts, and they reminisced over Sony’s handheld. Listening to them talk about it made me very interested in getting one, and there were plenty of games for it. When they mentioned about how easy it was to crack the PSP’s firmware for emulators, a thought had occurred to me! If I look at the system more closely, it’s practically a Sega Dreamcast handheld! XD Oh man, I can imagine the eyes rolling by this statement. Even though it lacks a right thumbstick, I’m sure to work around it especially with the observation I made with the handheld. lol Plus, I have a Phantasy Star itch to scratch as there were only two Phantasy Star Portable games developed for the PSP.

If you folks are curious, here is a wish list of the games I hope to purchase for the PSP. It looks like I’ll have my fill of RPGs, and that’s fine by me. 🙂 I think RPGs are well-suited for handhelds especially for those long road trips. And if you have any recommendations, feel free to send them my way!

PlayStation Portable Wish List

Anyway, that’s about it with the PSP. I’m still keen on doing this Retro Revival Week business I had mentioned in the previous update. I plan to go over some of the details with a couple of friends who have participated in it a long time ago. There isn’t anything new at this time but stay tuned for more info in the weeks to follow. 🙂 I project to start this Monday, March 21st. Here’s hoping this goes well. ^^

Anyway, that’s all for this small update. PSP awesome stuff abound! =D

Thanks for reading, guys! Eddie the Wolf signing off!

March 2016 Update: Retro Revival Idea!

Hey folks!

Not really a whole lot to report. I mean who wants to hear me go on and on about how work is. Anyone? Anyone? …Bueller? …Bueller? I didn’t think so. Haha! Guests are just guests, and there’s the usual bad experiences that outweigh the good. If you ask me, it seems that a lot of them are growing more impatient with each passing moment. It’s not a pretty sight when you are dealing with them. There have been many, many times where I wanted to turn around and say, “This was your choice. You wanted to ride this ride, and it will take you this long to wait. Probably even more depending on what’s going on with the ride.”

Anyway, that’s enough of that. I got back into Netflix for myself after my dad cancelled his subscription to it. Right now, I am doing the free month trial which I have it set to have the premium stream service (stream up to four devices at once) and the DVD service. Once that trial is up, the monthly fee should be around $20, and that’s not too bad. I included the DVD service because Netflix’s Instant Watch tends to rotate their movies around in place for others. Plus, there are a BUNCH of movies not shown on Netflix that I’ve been very, very curious to see. At this time, I have over 500 things on the DVD queue, so I should be set to go through the list for a good while. I don’t know how much I have saved on my Instant Watch queue, but I know it’s just as plentiful. The system I am going to shoot for when going through my Instant Watch queue is start off with one movie and then watch a few episodes for each day. We shall see how that goes. I’m rather excited to have this service for myself!

Games! All the games! Actually, there are just two to mention at this time, and they are still Yakuza 2 and Tales of Symphonia. I have made plenty of progress in both games even though the latter has proven to be quite a chore. I know I have said this many times before, but I will reiterate it. I do mean what I say that I don’t recall ever doing a lot of grinding in the Gamecube release. However, I just played it straight through and never bothered to gain almost all of my characters’ abilities. Plus, I’m following a guide this time for the PS3 release, and that’s where the grinding comes in. I never realized how many abilities my party has, and it’s hard finding stronger enemies to battle to get more EXP. Still, I will plow on through knowing that I’ve clocked in over 50 hours of gameplay. lol

And now we have Yakuza 2. I believe I’m on the tenth chapter of the game, and the story is getting really, really good! I think I’m enjoying more than the first game, and that’s probably for obvious reasons. With that said, I have clocked in over 40 hours of gameplay, and part of that has to do with a select few side missions. Anyone that has played this game might be familiar with the “Adam” Host and Marietta side missions. I realize now that I should have done a bit of multi-tasking in between these missions instead of waiting around before I got a notification to continue with either one… Still, I look forward to finishing the game rather soon. 🙂

That should do with all the updates at this time. There is an idea I want to share with you all, and I recently thought of it. A few of my gaming buddies might know of this, but there was a user that would host a thing called Retro Revival Week. The premise was dedicating a week of your time in playing old school video games and sharing with others what games you had been playing then. The rules usually consisted that you didn’t go beyond the N64 and PS One era, and you were allowed to play PC games prior to 2000. I didn’t participate much in it, but I had a lot of fun the one time I did it. So I’m thinking about reviving this idea and making it just a bit longer. Maybe a week and a half or two? I was thinking about a month, but that would be a bit too much after thinking about it a lot. When I came back from home the other day, I did type up a small draft of the rules if I did revive it.


– Games that were released prior to the Xbox, Gamecube, and PlayStation 2 are applicable. This includes games prior to the Game Boy Advance.
– PC games made prior to 2005 are applicable.
– Game compilations (i.e. Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, Midway Arcade Treasures, Metal Slug Anthology, etc) are applicable.
– HD Remasters of PS2/Xbox games and re-releases of 8-/16-/32-/64-bit games are applicable. NO REMAKES, REBIRTHS OR REMIXES POST 2005!!!

Again, this is only a draft, but I do plan on getting in touch with a few sources to help me refine this before I go with this. 🙂 I’m excited about it! It’ll be nice to revive this soon. To go with this, I am thinking of periodically posting journals regarding this and have open discussions on topics such as multiplayer experiences, favorite game of all-time, game series growing up on, etc. So stayed tuned on any further development on this in the weeks to follow. The tricky part is setting a good time frame to do this. It would make sense to do it during a time when there wouldn’t be a whole lot of new video game releases, but I would hate to put it off until then. The sooner I can get this going, the better the chances I have in getting some involvement from all you fine folks. 🙂

All right, this is a good stopping point. I need to get to bed or else I’m not going to have much rest for work. That’s a bad habit I really need to curb. As always, thanks for taking the time to read this post! I hope everyone is doing well out there. 🙂

Until next time! Eddie the Wolf signing off!

It’s 2016, where have I been?

Hey folks! Once again, it’s been awhile, and I’ve been meaning to do an update ever since the last one. So here we go as we just jump right into things!

The Christmas season just wasn’t there for me. I couldn’t get into the holiday spirit as things at work were super stressful and tiresome. There were many times I just wanted to keep to myself even though I longed to be in the company of others. So this past holiday just wasn’t the best for me. I didn’t get a whole lot that would warrant my annual video post of Christmas goodies. All I can say was I got three books (all Star Wars related), a movie (Princess Mononoke on Blu-ray), a game (Tales of Xillia which I ended up trading it in for the sequel), a model of the DeLorean from Back to the Future to put together, and a handful of t-shirts from Tee Fury. I know it’s not really about the gifts and more about being with family. Maybe that was what I had missed the most even though I knew I had to work through those holidays. Sure, the paycheck looked great, but I was more concerned about my well-being more than anything around that time.

Now that we have moved into the new year, there are plenty of things I would like to try to accomplish on a more personal level. For starters, I really want to do my best in not stressing over the littlest of things. I’m 28, and it’s time that I shouldn’t let things get the best of me or worry over stuff that wouldn’t benefit me. I really need to learn to appreciate and love myself more because one should really try to focus more on oneself before anything else. From what I have seen of others that have done similar methods, they seem to be more content with their lives, and that’s something I need greatly. I will say that there are certain aspects of myself that I have improved on, but there is always room for more improvement. We are all human beings after all.

As always, I want to try to get into being more active whether it be swimming or walking. I think what I should try to limit myself on how much soda I consume and see if that does reduce my weight. I really want to aim for a bit of a beach body as silly as that may sound. In all seriousness, I would like to have a more lean form even if it means sacrificing on certain things. Not having this gut of mine would be a big blessing. So we shall see what happens. Other goals in mind include improving on my art, setting aside some time to work on my video game idea, and, as always, work at my backlog of video games I have sitting here.

Speaking of games, I’m happy to report that I have completed the PS2 Grand Theft Auto trilogy! I finished San Andreas I believe around the middle of December, and I have to say that I had a much more pleasant experience playing the game this time around than I did when it first game out. Mind you that I had borrowed the game from a friend back in Tennessee for the original Xbox. I just couldn’t get into the game because of how foul it seemed to me, and I wasn’t a fan of its control schemes and dialog. Now that I have matured enough and have played GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas, I can see the appeal and historical achievement these games tried to accomplish. San Andreas is without a doubt technically superior of the three games in this collection. The world was bigger than III and Vice City combined, and there was a lot one could accomplish if given the time to uncover everything it had to offer. Driving is actually a joy this time around especially with how terrible it was to get around GTA III’s setting. Even the missions are much more varied and fun despite a handful of them being a pain in the butt… Believe it or not I did enjoy the game’s soundtrack this time around! However, Vice City’s soundtrack tops anything any day of the week. The biggest thing that makes San Andreas stand out from the collection is that there are NO load screens when going in-between areas. For a 2004 PS2 game of this scope, I have to say that’s really pushing the limits of what a game can do on a system. Vice City is still the best game in the series with my score of 10, but San Andreas comes real close with a 9.5. It shows that either of the games deserves to be in any greatest games of all-time list compared to GTA III. Seriously, that one really hasn’t aged well…

Another game I got around to finishing recently was Undertale via Steam. For a short game, it left such a big impact. It’s definitely a quirky game for folks that love very off-beat humor and a heavy dose of well-developed characters. That’s something I know I need some work on with my very own characters. I have to say that Undertale has probably set a very high bar as far as indie games are of concern, and I highly recommend checking this gem out if you have a few hours to spare from your daily life. So there will be some fan art of this game very, very soon. Be on the lookout for that!

With those games out of the way, I jumped right into Yakuza 2 for PS2 ever since Yakuza 5 came out for PS3’s PSN store. That has my mention these days, and it’s quite an improvement over the first game particularly how improved combat is along with the game’s pacing. I understand that a few fans that follow me will shake their heads when I say that I’m also doing some of the game’s side missions this time around. I know it’s not all that important to the game, but I am one that wants to get the most out of my game. However, there are some that are just absolutely ridiculous and would probably make one throw his/her controller against the wall especially with how demanding some of these side missions can be. I kid you not! I probably spend a good portion of the game’s fifth chapter doing a couple of dumb side missions. With that said, there was one in particular I actually grew fond over, and it happens to be Japanese mahjong (YouTube it if necessary). Now I won’t say that it has made me a fan of this particular game, but I can appreciate the basics and wouldn’t mind giving it a try if the mood strikes up. So far, I’m having a blast, and I hope to have it done soon.

The other game I’ve gotten back into is Tales of Symphonia. I have played the Gamecube version of it, and I’m using a guide to see what else I might have missed this time around with the PS3 version. I never realized just how much grinding there was to do. Then again, this is a J-RPG, and that is to be expected. But man! Grinding in this game is a bit ridiculous at times. However, I have experienced grinding much worse than this (Final Fantasy II via Dawn of Souls), and the guide has been helpful for the most part on what my characters will gain in the long run. I guess once I get either Yakuza 2 or Symphonia done I would like to dedicate a month on a couple of original Xbox games based on what you guys would like have me play in a voting session. Stay tuned for more on that in a future post.

This might be the part where I’ll try to wrap things up as I would like to have this journal out of the way. All I can say is that I am drawing when I can, and I will do my best to share what I’ve drawn on my Twitter account. There is a project I am working on examples for, and I would like to offer a few spots for commissions in the near future. About five of them have been sketched out, but I want to sketch out a few more before I begin to ink and color them. For those that follow my art accounts, stay tuned for more on that.

Other ideas I want to come up with are journals for discussing on certain topics in general. In a few days I may do just that in hopes of sharing some of my favorite video game songs and remixes of late. The way I would do it is title the journal as if I were making a mixtape based on a theme or a mood. We’ll see how that goes as the year progresses. The same can be said on any books or movies you guys can recommend depending on the genre I’m in the mood for. Lately, it’s been science fiction, and I’ll be sure to type that up a few days after I post some music favorites. I’m kind of excited about it because I want to try to be a bit more active even if it means that it’ll be awhile before I post anything art related on my art accounts.

With that said, I think this will do for this journal update. I hope you guys have an awesome 2016! Lots to do and accomplish! Go out there and make the most of it!

Thanks for reading, guys. And thank you to those that have helped me along the way. You have no idea how much I really appreciate some of the support and advice I have received.

Here’s to the new year!

Eddie the Wolf signing off!

From Birthday to Halloween with Great News!

Hello once again folks! It’s your beach lovin’ guy, Eddie the Wolf, coming at you with a life update! =D

Let me ask you this: Are you guys ready for Halloween? Yeah? What plans do you all have for the occasion? I want to know! ^^ For me, I will be working, but I hope to get some Halloween gaming done with Resident Evil 4. I also hope to have a couple of drawings done in time since I want to be able to do a piece for the upcoming holidays. Lots to do between now and the end of the year drawing wise! The idea I have in mind this time will feature four of my characters dressed up as video game characters: my fursona along with my samurai, Raul Xi, will be dressed in my take on the Gunstar Super Heroes outfits while my lioness, Lucy Martinez, and my tigress, Jane Hanzawa, will be R. Mika and Cammy respectively from the Street Fighter series (particularly the outfits shown in Street Fighter V).

Since I did mention gaming, I recently finished Demon’s Souls via co-op sessions with Usagi704 and JiibayDan. I had hoped to do some with HartKnight, but I’m sure we will at some point. 🙂 I look forward to doing so again. Since they have been playing this every year when the game first game out, it got me inspired to play it! I will say that the game does not let you leave without many of its punishing difficulty, but that is mostly due to human error. It was best that I played it with others because I think I would have given up on the game real easily knowing myself. lol For the most part, I had a lot of fun and had to laugh at myself for all the mistakes and blunders I made during my sessions. I do thank the fine folks I co-oped with for their patience. It was a tough game to swallow, but I am glad to have played it all the way. 🙂 If I feel like it, I may even play the New Game + myself, but it really depends on how I feel about it. Still, I’m up for more co-op sessions for the New Game stuff if you guys are. And, I might even consider continuing with the Souls series. I liked it that much, and I always welcome a challenge! I can even see why you guys would play this series for Halloween. A lot of the bosses you face certainly would send chills down any gamer’s spine.

So the question is how would I score Demon’s Souls? I think it gets an 8.5 out of 10. The game is very challenging, and I appreciate that greatly! The game would otherwise be a 9 if it weren’t for the difficulty. Yeah, I’m going to be that guy. XD Still, the way the game integrates the hint messages is a big welcome and very innovative adding great depth to the game’s lore. It’s really refreshing to see something like that in video games these days. It’s definitely a game to look into for those wanting a good challenge. And I mean a really good challenge. 😉

Next up will be Resident Evil 4. Now I’ve played it once on the Nintendo Gamecube, and I had a complete blast being freaked with certain situations with it. I picked up the HD version on the PS3 while there was a sale going on awhile back via PlayStation Store. No doubt I’m going to have similar unnerving experiences throughout, but I’m sure to have loads of fun. 🙂 After I’m done with that and Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy for my friend’s YouTube channel, I plan to go back to GTA: San Andreas which will conclude the PS2 trilogy set I purchased earlier this year. After that, I will continue to play more of Tales of Symphonia and Xillia on the PS3.

Speaking of the Tales of series, I plan on knocking away at my backlog which includes Tales of Phantasia. I know I keep saying that I will, but I will do my best to get to it. ^^; I’m sure many fans enjoy the game, but I’m playing the GBA version of it. If I had my hands on the SNES or PS1 version, I probably would enjoy it more for the fact that combat looks and plays out real smooth compared to how sluggish it is on the GBA. :/ That’s really why I’ve taken so long to beat it. Plus, I’m stuck in one section of the game where it’s a maze. The last thing I want to do is start all over. I WANT TO BE DONE WITH IT! DX If you look at my backlog, the games you see in my “Now Playing” section is what I plan to focus on before trying to tackle other games. After that, I hope to get to other games I have been in the middle of for quite some time. I don’t know… There’s just a lot I really need to play through. ^^; Maybe I will have a month dedicated to a theme and focus on a handful of games based on what you guys choose. 🙂 We’ll see how that pans out! I need to give it a try at some point with my current “Now Playing” section real soon.

That’s enough about games right now. Let’s move on to how my birthday went! It was an awesome three-day weekend! =D The day before my birthday I went with a couple of friends for Epcot’s Food and Wine festival. We got to try out a lot of food samples that were offered (within our budget, of course). I think that I had a much better experience this time around since I had others to share the occasion with. The day of I went to a Halloween furry gathering in Sarasota where I met a couple of folks I’ve known for some time, and it was fun. I did a small art trade while I was there, and it goes to show that I really need to work on drawing more females. Why must they be so difficult to draw? Why?! Always how the hips are. Always! DX Anyway, the day after I spent indoors just watching some football, and it was mostly a relaxing time. As for the presents, I got plenty as you can see here in this picture.

Hmm… I think that about covers everything that’s been going on. 🙂 Now there was something that happened recently that I need to share. As of this update, I found out that I will be full-time status at Disney World on November 1st! I was caught by surprise when I was asking for help on how I can get full-time. I remember going on their website to transfer to other places with hopes of going full-time then. Since people have transferred out of my area, it seemed that my chances of going full-time were high. And so, this just happened. lol I can’t complain! Now I don’t have to worry about picking up hours. ^^ With that, I may be a bit quiet as far as gaming and art updates go.

Speaking of art, I hope to have some ideas drawn up between now and when the new year rolls around which include reference sheets for my characters (they desperately need them) and a commission examples of an idea I really look forward to doing soon. But first, I want to accomplish the Halloween ideas I mentioned earlier. They might be a bit rushed, but I look forward to finishing them real soon. So stay tuned on that!

Anyway, that should do it! Thank you all for reading and to any and all that wished me a happy birthday. I really appreciated them. ^^

Take care, everyone! And have a great rest of the weekend.

Eddie the Wolf signing off!